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As most of you know that Oliversan is a contemporary Asian cuisine that belongs to Maki along with Zee Brgr. I’m a HUGE fan of Maki ever since it opened its doors in Kuwait and will always be as long as they keep their high standards and great service. Oliversan has recently opened its doors (a year or so) and the food is more than amazing, honestly speaking. I got to try a lot of dishes before and a couple of weeks ago we got to try some new dishes from the menu.

As always, the quantity was more than enough, each plate came very huge and full not as other places. The quality superb except for one dish which was a lil bit salty (check pictures for reviews) but all in all it was just perfect.

What I love about the people of Maki is that they do accept my honest and sincere opinion no matter what. Any comment on any dish whether face to face or written on the blog is welcomed, unlike other restaurant owners who left rude comments on my blog because I wrote my honest opinion about some of their dishes. If I like something I like it, if I don’t, then i’ll state my reasons.

Now, let’s talk food 😀


Complimentary food

Verdict: addictive.


Pinacolada Shake

Verdict: Refreshing and yummy but not recommended with food because it’s heavy.


Tom Yum Soup

Verdict: We constantly search for Tom Yums in Kuwait and by far this is one of the best Tom Yums we’ve ever tasted (My husband and I). It’s not spicy at all. They’ll tell you it’s spicy but I didn’t feel it was, and that’s why I liked it a lot, because sometimes you’ll find it verrrrrry spicy. This one was moderate. And the taste of lime OMG 😀


Take a shot


Salmon Salad

Verdict: Loved it, very light, very delicious and tangy. Good for those who are dieting and want to have a delicious meal but light at the same time.


Duck Salad

Verdict: Full of greens and nuts … Healthy and sweet. You don’t feel that taste of duck at all.


Vegetables Chow Mein

Verdict: Now that dish came really HUGE. Can’t believe how huge it was and it was really amazing. The sauce they used in cooking it was really good. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Take another look


Chicken Curry Rice

Verdict: Was really good.


Spicy Calamary

Verdict: One of the dishes that you really really have to try it … Spicy and full of greens with thick black sauce.


Sweet and Sour Ostrich

Verdict: Have you ever tasted an Ostrich before? Well, if you haven’t, then this is the perfect place and dish to try ostrich meat. I’ve never had it before and to be honest I got intrigued and wanted to see how it tasted. MARVELOUS, so soft, moist and delicious. it melts in your mouth easily. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


What do you think is inside this dish?




Smoked braised Salmon

Verdict: This dish looked so good but its sauce was a lil bit salty, I believe it was from the soy sauce. If they can manage the amount of the sauce then it will be amazing.

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2 thoughts on “OliverSan Deliciousness

  1. Dear Swera, Thank you so much for your visit. It is always our pleasure. We also love your honesty and will always value and take your comments to heart 🙂

    Oliversan Family

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