Coffee Workshop at Costa


Last week, I attended a coffee workshop by the famous Italian barista Franco Russo who has worked for Costa for 15 years and still working. He first introduced himself to us, then showed us how to use the machine to do our own coffee and then we took the stage. I did my cappuccino and it was good 😀 other bloggers also made their coffee.

After that Mr. Russo started the workshop by giving us a brief introduction about coffee and where we can find it, kinds of coffee and then talked about Costa, from where they get their coffee and how they store it. He then, gave us a tasting test which we somehow succeeded in 😛

Costa coffee also introduced some of the new items that will be available in Ramadan. Loved the Nutella pudding yum yum.

It was a very nice workshop, too bad I couldn’t stay for that long because Juju wasn’t feeling good on that day.

Thank you costa Coffee for the lovely and cozy event ❤











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2 thoughts on “Coffee Workshop at Costa

  1. I always love your pictures, they are just beautifully vibrant girl! 😛

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