BooTea Experience


I believe by now, everyone have heard about the Bootea slimming tea. It’s made in UK and there are some instagram accounts that are selling it for a reasonable price. Because i couldn’t wait for it to arrive all the way from UK, i ordered it from an account on instagram and it arrived on the same day.

I got the 14 days package. 1 cup of tea every morning, and 1 cup of tea every 2 nights. The morning tea tastes fine, but the one in the night wasn’t that good, I didn’t like it and I actually skipped 2 days (forgot). I took the tea for 14 days without doing or going on a diet at all. I kept my old eating habits and didn’t even think of changing them.

I’ve lost 1kg in 2 weeks without even thinking of a diet. Which was really good, with all the amount of food that went in my tummy for the past couple weeks 😀

What I didn’t like, is the reaction of my stomach the next day after drinking the night tea. It makes you go to the toilet the next morning and ,,, well, you don’t want me to explain more 😛

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4 thoughts on “BooTea Experience

  1. That looks interesting, I might want to ask you which account you got it from to try it out. I really do need the nightly tea though 😛

  2. yea its everywhere in instagram may i know which account you bought it from sweetie?

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