@KidZaniaKuwait Experience For The First Time


I was dying to take Juju to Kidzania ever since it opened its doors in The Avenues. But she was too young to enjoy or understand the concept of the place. To be honest, I myself wanted to visit the place and explore it but I had to have a reason for my visit πŸ˜› Now, that Juju is 1yr 6months, I decided to take her and take a look at the place.

Because she’s under 2yrs, she entered for free but I had to pay for myself and my help. Booked our tickets online and entered easily and fast. The staff were very very helpful and sweet. They were smiling all the time, and greeting us whenever we passed by them. Juju didn’t receive any Kidsoz but she earned some, around 16 Kidsoz πŸ˜›

When we first entered, we witnessed their famous song and dance which Juju enjoyed to the max, she didn’t want to leave Vita at all. She was hugging her and going near her all the time πŸ˜€ I wanted to buy her a Vita character but it was out of stock 😦

Too bad Juju didm;t enjoy a lot of places, she only went to the police station to investigate 2 incidents and she made an aquafina water. She also enjoyed her time at The House of Urbano and didm;t want to leave the kitchen at all. Also she enjoyed her time painting and drawing at AUS.

I have to say that we enjoyed our time for 5 hours but then Juju became grumpy and we had to go back home. Our next visit will be when she’s older, around 3 yrs so she can enjoy her time.





very upset lol πŸ˜›





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