Society Experience-Levels Food Complex


A couple of weeks ago, we had the opportunity to try the newly opened restaurant called Society. It’s located in Levels Food Complex-Mahboula. The place is kinda English but the dishes come from all over Europe. And they’re still adding European dishes to the menu. What makes this place special is that they offer real wine and other drinks but non-alcoholic. The wine tasted really good, it was a nice experience.

We loved the place, that we went back again the very next week to try some desserts. The atmosphere of the place is cozy and romantic, good for couples in the evening but not for kids. The quality and quantity of food was excellent, price somehow reasonable, might be kinda expensive for some people. Service was also good. We loved it.

Now, let’s talk food;




Red Wine


Society House Salad

Verdict: Very delicious and weird, the raspberry dressing made it really nice.


Salmon Bites

Verdict: Anything with salmon is a winner to me


Tikka Platter

Verdict: Very regular and ordinary


Shrimp Pasta

Verdict: The winner of them all, so delicious and yummy. We finished it without leaving a mini bite 😀


The final act


Apple Pie

Verdict: A must try!


Red Queen or smth (forgot the name)

Verdict: MY FAV. But very heavy


And that’s when we came back again 😀

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