The Oz Land – The Dome Mall


I’ve heard a lot about this place. My colleagues/teachers talked a lot about it but I wasn’t sure where it was located until one of them took her kids and then told me where is it exactly. It’s located in Mahboula, just next to Kuwait Majic Mall. You’ll see a grey building, the place is inside.

What does this place have? Well, it has lots of things; your kids can enjoy 10 minutes with several animals, cats, parrots, rabbits or turtles. My Juju enjoyed her time with the cats, she loves them and had fun brushing their hair as you can see in the pictures below 🙂

The place also has many games, playground and a sand playground. Juju didn’t want to leave that place, we had to pull her out of it making a lot of noise :/

The ticket for everything costs kd 5/- which is very reasonable and the time is unlimited for the sand playground and other games except for the animal houses.

Take your kids, they will have lots of fun 😀






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4 thoughts on “The Oz Land – The Dome Mall

  1. Wechalim galb’ha karbooonish hehehe that looks like fun! 😛

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