@TheDietCare New Lunch Menu


Last month, I was chosen by The Diet Care team to try their new lunch menu for 5 days. I’ve already tried many diet places and written about them but not Diet Care so I thought why not?

The meals came in sealed plastic boxes and labeled with dates and where to keep them. The delivery was made around 12pm or 1pm just before my arrival from work which was very convenient for me.

Let’s talk food. The quantity more than enough, variety of choices; I was given the choice to select from various meals and I got very confused which one to choose for everyday and thank god all my choices were perfect. Let’s talk quality; the dessert was really amazing and heavy, I had to share them all with either my husband or my daughter. Main dish was also great, fulfilling and delicious. Salads weren’t that wow, I mean I can do those kinds of salads at home. When I’m dieting, I’m expecting something extra ordinary, the main dish and dessert were excellent but the salads need more improving.

All in all, it was a great experience. Thank you Diet Care.





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One thought on “@TheDietCare New Lunch Menu

  1. Diet Care

    It was our pleasure that you have experienced The Diet Care and glad that you have enjoyed this experience.


    The Diet Care

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