Anniversary Celebration at @MakiRest


Every year, my husband and I tend to celebrate our anniversary at Maki. The day we got married (Melcha) we went to Maki Marina Crescent branch, and from that day, we decided to celebrate our anniversary at Maki. This year, our 3rd one together and more to come nshallah, we went to Burj Jassim branch, very quiet and serene, we went without Juju because we wanted some quiet time for ourselves. We kinda went early, not on the exact date of our anniv because hubs had other arrangements on that day. But who cares, it’s a celebration 🙂

As always, the service, the staff, everything was perfect not to mention the delicious and amazing food. We got our favourite salad “Beirut Maki Salad” amazing, and we ordered other delicious new dishes which didn’t disappoint at all.

Waiting for our 4th year but of course we will be going to Maki before that date 😛





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One thought on “Anniversary Celebration at @MakiRest

  1. happy anniversary and many years to come :***

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