Miracle Garden-Dubai


In the spring break that we had a couple of weeks ago, my husband & I decided to have a short break to change the atmosphere and have a peace of mind avec Baby Jana. How wrong we were. I won’t say it was horrible, but it was very exhausting and tiring. I enjoyed my time but not that much. I was running around Juju all the time, not to mention when I have to change for her and she gets grumpy and Chucky all over me :S Or when she wants to get her nap and she’s not used to the baby cot we got from the hotel. Blah blah blah.

BUT there were places that when we visited Juju had lots of fun, and seeing her running with a huge smile on her face made me very happy and forgot all about the hard time she gave me.

One of the places that we really enjoyed visiting was the Miracle Garden. A magical place with lots of flowers, colours and shapes to enjoy looking at and taking pictures with. The design of the place is really creative, old things were used to decorate it, like very old cars and so. They created, house and Burj Khalifa from flowers. Wide space to enjoy walking in surrounded by beautiful cool breeze and smell. A decent fountain is in the garden to complete the atmosphere. And you can enjoy a mini break under the flowers in a small cafe that the garden has. Of course, food and drinks are not allowed, you can buy them from inside.

It’s a must visit place, your kids will enjoy running around the place.














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