An Early Birthday Gift


I know it’s too too too early to get an early birthday gift but well what can I do, I’m a woman who gets whatever she wants on time and let others pay for it lol πŸ˜›

My mac pro sucks when writing in Arabic and now that I’m a teacher, I use Arabic a lot when doing exams or writing reports. I was thinking of getting a bigger computer but when I saw this Dell with Jacqui, I thought why not get this one. It can be used as a tablet and as a computer, you can switch between screens. Like you can turn it to a tablet with lots of applications to download from the app store (android) and you can go to your desktop, like real windows desktop, hook up your wireless keyboard and voila, it’s a mini computer. Of course it’s not suitable for those who have a bad eyesight but it works just fine with me and i’m in love.

It’s so tiny, light and useful. What ever you want/need is there. There are lost of things i’m exploring tip now, because it’s loaded. I’ll write another post showing you the keyboard and mouse used with the desktop screen.

Oh i forgot to tell you the name πŸ™‚ It’s Dell Venue 8 Pro. And it’s very very cheap. The 32g is around KD 75 on amazon and 64g (the one i got) is for KD 93 something like that.







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One thought on “An Early Birthday Gift

  1. Awwww I’m the devil when it comes to technology aren’t I hehe.. I just tempt everyone around me to buy new gadgets! I’m glad you like your new tablet hehe and in a way it’s more of a Hybrid Tablet/Computer than a tablet hehe but do enjoy it because it can be and might be insanely useful for you, especially if you need to place it in your bag and take it with you to work. The only issues I have with non-Apple tablets is that after a while they lose your interest and just end up gathering dust.

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