@DinerKW Experience


Last week, my friends and I were invited to a fashion event at Altijariya Tower and after we finished from the event we decided to have dinner at the newly opened burger place @DinerKW (instagram). The place looked very cozy and small. Good for quiet dinner with your husband or friends away from crowded places.

We ordered what we thought would taste delicious but one of the owners came to us and recommended that we try the Havana Burger which is a best seller and so we did. The only thing that wasn’t that good is the timing of the dishes, the fries arrived very early because the burger took a while to prepare. But the food was really good, you have to try it. Check out what we ordered:


The menu


Andalusian fries



Creamy Mushroom Burger

Verdict: LOVED IT. The size of the burger wasn’t that big but it will make you full because of the thick creamy sauce.


Monster Fries

Verdict: yum yum, even though it’s heavy but very good. Order either monster or Andalusian fries if you are two persons.


Havana Burger

Verdict: DESERVES TO BE A BEST SELLER. And it’s very huge.


Cheese burger

Verdict: I haven’t tried it but my friends said it was very good


Vanilla Latte

Verdict: The perfect drink for winter 🙂

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2 thoughts on “@DinerKW Experience

  1. I went there twice alread and I can’t wait to go again !
    You’ve been missed !

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