The Matcha Hype


I’ve heard about Matcha Green Tea from PickYo cafe. I actually thought that they created that name “matcha” but then I did some digging and found out that the Matcha green tea powder existed long time ago and we just knew about it. I saw a lot of pictures posted on Pick’s integral account talking about their iced matcha. Haven’t tried and didn’t think of trying it. Then, I saw them advertising their new matcha green tea latte and that it will be launched at Qout Market. When I got their, I asked for it and tried it with my husband for the first time. We both LOVED it. It was really delicious and warm. Certainly a drink made for the cold weather. I got addicted to, I started going frequently to their Hitteen branch because it’s close to us.

After a while, I saw people selling the powder on instagram, it became a hype. Everybody started buying it and getting addicted. I gotta tell you that it has a lot of benefits. Read about it HERE. I bought a can and tried to copy their latte but i actually could’t get the exact taste. But it tasted really good.

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2 thoughts on “The Matcha Hype

  1. abby

    hi, do u know any place where I could buy the matcha green tea powder here in kuwait? coz coffeebean doesn’t sell it. Thank you

    • Dear Abby, i got my matcha powder from an instagram account (@cubeoflife) 2 months ago, i dunno if the lady still sells it but contact her and see 🙂

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