Villa Babak Experience @The_Avenues


Last week my husband and I were invited to try the food of Villa Babak which is located in The Souk area in The Avenues Mall. I’ve heard a lot about this place long time ago but i didn’t get the chance to try it.

It’s situated deep inside the souk area, just ask the security men and they’ll guide you. The place is quite big, not that much but it can accommodate a number of people if it gets crowded on holidays or such days. We were seated near the mini fountain and started going through the menu that had photos of each dish which is a good thing. Not all restaurants do that and wish they would, because photos help us choose better especially if it is a new place we are trying.

We chose some famous Persian food and most of the dishes were really good especially their famous Zarash rice. The atmosphere, staff and money wise were really good.

Check out the things we ordered:


Mini fountain


Persian decoration


A delicious basket of bread


Complimentary platter


Olivia Salad

Verdict: Delicious but very heavy, it will make you full before you get your main dish


Eggplant Koshk

Verdict: This dish will take you to the 7th heaven. Very delicious, we finished it in seconds


Mirza Qasemi

Verdict: It was very average, not that much.


Maraq Sabzi

Verdict: The dish that you must order when you’re there. With their famous rice dishes (below)


Zarashk & Bagella Rice

Verdict: I’m in love


Chicken Kobeida

Verdict: Loved it, very tasty and light


Lamb Chops

Verdict: The lamb was very soft and yummy. Recommended

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