A Delicious Saturday


Last Saturday, my husband and I went to Qout Market and took Baby Jana with us. It was a very beautiful Saturday, the weather was cool, the breeze was fresh and full of energy. Woke up very early to reach the place on time and yes we did. The space was huge, lots and lots of booths. In this post I will talk about the creativity of some businesses and how come we never knew they existed.

I wanted to go to Qout Market only to get the One and Only, their famous Pistachio sauce, i knew from their instagram account they’ll be selling it there so i was super ready. When I reached there, I went straight to Pick booth to get the pistachio sauce and some other things, we also tried their Green Matcha Latte for the first time which was really delicious and became an addiction now. After that, we started walking around the place discovering other businesses. You’ll see the pictures of the things I liked. I gotta say my 2nd addiction now is Journey Kitchen’s Rose Petal Organic Jam (DELICIOUS)


The Market


Pick’s famous Pistachio sauce


Other delicious sauces by Pick


My new addiction,,,Matcha Latte


Let’s explore the place


Buttercup Bakery


Faisal Al-Ali paintings


By Baraka


Dress Up Your Greens delicious Salad Dressings


Albandairy Ma’abouch


November Bakery


Journey Kitchen delicious organic jams


The things I got

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