It’s Nooon Time. We Have A Walker


Yup, you read that title very well. Baby Jana started walking, like 2 weeks ago, but I was too busy to write this post. My crazy little girl started walking and I’m a proud Mama. Now, she’s often running instead of walking. The girl is having so much knowing she can reach a place or thing in a fast way.

I’ve been trying to make her walk the past couple of months but with no hope. She knew how to take few steps but she’d get scared, lower herself and crawl instead. But on that day (2 weeks ago), she started standing by herself and making noises encouraging herself that she can actually stand lol but then, the girl made few steps and fell down.  Without noticing her, she stood up and walked to my dad without falling and from that moment she came to realise that walking is fun, easy and cool hehe 🙂

I’m so happy but soooo tired at the same time. I can’t seem to sit for 5 minutes. I’m always around her because she might take the stairs and go up, god forbids she falls.

The only good thing about her walking is that she started sleeping very early. Before she used to sleep around 10 pm or so. Now she goes in a deep sleep around 8:30 pm

I have to thank my dear friend Habboush for sending Juju’s Noon to our house. Thank you Habboush :***

For those who don’t know what Nooon is; it’s a kind of celebrations where we throw candy along with money for the kids to collect and enjoy their time. The kinds of celebrations we throw Nooon for are: Baby walking, 1st tooth, collage graduation, a sick person coming out of hospital, and marriage. It’s a nice celebration where kids and adults have fun screaming and shouting and sometimes stealing the money from each others 😛



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2 thoughts on “It’s Nooon Time. We Have A Walker

  1. My daughter has taken a few steps but is still more comfortable with crawling! Congratulations to your little one!

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