Orogold Facial Treatment


If you haven’t noticed yet, let me tell you something about myself. I love cosmetics. I love trying new lines of skin care products, facials, spas, treatments and so on. Whatever new in the market, i’ll be more than happy to spend some money on it so I can try it and check if it’s worth it or not.

A couple of weeks ago, i wrote about the opening of Orogold 4th branch which was at Symphony mall. This time, i’ll be talking about their facial treatment. I received an invitation from Miss Sarah Alsaleh to try their facial. I chose the Hilton Resort branch because I wanted a relaxing place and so it was.

I was greeted by Miss Raisa, who introduced me to the whole line and informed me that every product they have has 24k of gold. And that each line is set for a certain age but you can mix some lines together to get a better result. She showed me their store which was a little bit small but enough for customers to check the products. They have 1 facial room. Their facial treatment costs KD 25 but if you get products from them for your skin they will give you few sessions for free.

Raisa started the facial treatment with Termica mask, where it went inside my pores, opened them and got all the toxins out. It was very hot, it took some time to cool down. After that she applied the Termica serum. Then we moved to the Vitamin mask, to close the pores and refresh the skin. After the mask, Raisa applied the Vitamin C serum. At the end, she used the Collagen mask which was very cold, and applied the collagen serum later on. My skin looked very alive, no black pores (she didn’t use a machine) and glowing.

I loved their products and I can’t wait for the current line I’m using to finish so I can try their lines.











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3 thoughts on “Orogold Facial Treatment

  1. aaaw sarahalsaleh is my bestfriend 😀 i made an appointment this week, hopefully its good.

  2. i went and it was great bs omg 7sait ena y7r my face while she puts collagen on my face but its good. I enjoyed thanks sweetie ^_^:**

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