From Real Books To E-Books


hhmmm … I’m not sure how to start this post but I have to start with, I failed my books big time. Not that I stopped reading but I actually stopped reading them, real books and started reading ebooks using either my iPad (Kindle app) or my Kindle Paperwhite. I know I’ve talked so many times about my hatred towards ebooks and that I will never ever use them but I blame it on Jacqui, she was the one who got me the Kindle Paperwhite and I started using it later on. She got it for me last June but I actually started using it late November and I gotta admit, it’s easier to read books on it. You can read books in a very fast way and keeps you going. Yes, there’s something with ebooks that keep you going, you don’t want to stop, and you forget your surrounding and focus only on your book. Maybe because you can’t see how big the book is and you keep on turning the pages not knowing when will it actually end unless you touch the screen to see where you are.

I abandoned my real books (only 15 left on my shelf) and I started buying ebooks and reading them like a crazy woman. It’s becoming addictive, beside you can get your books in a matter of seconds which is really awesome. You don’t have to pay for taxes, wait for it to be delivered and then pay shipping and customs fees not to mention when they don’t release the book for your from customs because it’s banned in here.

I love how it’s easy to use, easy to read, and easy to order books. Just a click and it’s downloading. I might upgrade my Kindle to a better one next year 😀

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16 thoughts on “From Real Books To E-Books

  1. I never thought that I would abandon my “real books”, but I am in a similar boat. It took about five years, I had a first-gen Kindle that I never used, but this year, I’ve really made the shift. I like the convenience and ease of being able to carry so many books on one device. I also travel a lot, so ebooks are just easier. I can read while eating my lunch, without having to try to hold a book. My goal now, is to read as much off of my physical bookshelf as possible and give away those books, before overloading my virtual bookshelf!

    • Yes, that was exactly my situation before and I have never considered reading an ebook but once I’ve read a book, I just couldn’t put it down, it’s much easier than actual books, no turning pages or holding a huge book!

  2. Ohhhh I’m so proud of my prodigy hehe 😛 Finally you understand how it feels to be in my world. Let’s tackle this post now 😛

    First off, I think that the ease of the Kindle devices (I don’t really love the Kindle app that much on other tablets) is the fact that they use e-Ink technology which imitates paper and lets you have a comfortable reading experience. Also the fact that you have a sort of timer on the bottom of the screen telling you how many minutes you have left in the chapter or book is a great motivator and pretty soon you’re forgetting about the fact that you have to sleep for a few hours before work (that magical hypothetical place people disappear to :P). That’s why it’s one of the best devices out there.

    Not to mention, lots of books are either hardbacks or insanely fat (yes they’re fat!) and they depress you the minute you start and feel like you are no closer to ending it.

    One other awesome point for eReaders is that book covers are for your eyes only hehe 😛 True I miss being able to close a book and look at the back jacket to re-read the synopsis but sometimes the books I read have funky covers hehe (aka rated PG-18) and I don’t want to share that with the world.

    One last point, is how small and light the device is and how many actual hours it can function without really needing a charge I was once able to read 3-4 books back to back then had to recharge it I think I could’ve gotten more (depends on the brightness mode). No glare is another great selling point which other tablets annoy me with, and why I will always prefer e-Ink devices!

    Lastly, you currently have the best Kindle device there is, I think next year they might rethink the form factor because Kobo’s Aura is smaller than the Kindle and performs much better so until then you’ve pretty much got the best Kindle on the market.

    Have I mentioned how much I am loving this! Welcome to the dark side woman! 😛

    • hahaha I knew you’d fall in love with this post because it’s what you have been trying to do to me, seduce me to the dark world and you have achieved that with an A 😛

      La bs honestly, I’m in love, total love. Easy, light and fast. I’ve never finished such a huge book in 3 days and I did that with The Hunger Games. I can’t even remember how long it was because it didn’t feel it was long. The reading process is very light and easy on the mind. I still have few books on my shelf left and I don’t think i’ll be reading them any time soon 😀

      Damn you woman :*

      • I have 300 books on my shelf that need reading too hehe I will try to squeeze them in but on Kindle and Kobo I am pretty much caught up.. And lets see how well you do with your Goodreads challenge by end of this year, you might still catch up hehe 😛

        If you want an easier and more fun experience try out the Kobo app on the iPad it’s fun because it gives you awards when you reach certain milestones so you keep on reading trying to get all the awards hehe 😛

  3. Oh and P.S. Amazon just unveiled their Matchbook service which allows you to repurchase the paperbacks/hardbacks you purchased previously through their website at a discounted price for the Kindle, starting from Free – 2.99$ which is great if you have those books you want to re-read and keep on your virtual bookshelf!

  4. When I was packing up to move from Toronto to here, I had to box up all my books and keep it in storage. I felt so sad that I couldn’t bring them with me… but in the last year I’ve slowly gotten into E-books and now that’s all I have to read! It’s so much easier to read E-books in Kuwait and I don’t feel bad that I am not reading! I just saw that you’re reading The Witness, how is it? I used to read Sandra Brown books, then stopped.. But her suspenseful books seem pretty good!

  5. Well, First of all i was thinking of posting about this exact topic in these days , Because for me i just started reading my first Ebook and was like you , the fierce enemy of Ebooks, (Thanks to the Not Available book all over the world in english Language :p) .. Anyway, my thoughts about the E-book is similar to yours plus i do think Ebooks apps have that technology to quote , copy , or mark this stuff you want to keep and save it for later , rather than carrying a small notebook or a piece of paper hidden in page 258 :p..Yet i hate getting the amount of radiation all day long ! my eyes needs some rest..Thats why Real Books are the thing for me..Honestly i love Ebooks , but i dont wanna get used to them all time..

    u stole the Post from my mind haha :p

    • Yes ebooks are very useful in so many ways specially with banned books as you mentions and not having to wait that long until it shipped, one click and it’s between your hands. They are very addictive but as you said they exhaust the eyes but still i;m getting addicted to them 🙂

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  7. Finally 🙂 I have 1st Gen Kindle ,, it is good ,, then came the iPad , so i used the Kindle App .. it’s great , colorful and I love it ,, one problem ,,, the iPad made me distracted ,, I start reading for a while , then i get bored and open some other app !! not like Kindle where it’s just books .. I’m in a dilemma right now ,, to get the new ipad mini ( i use zinio as well for magazines ) or get the new kindle !! 😉

    • Yeah sometimes i close the kindle app on mu iPad and play Minion Rush LOL 😛

      Get the Kindle Paperwhite it’s really good 🙂

    • *And Jacqui flies to the rescue the minute she reads someone is in dire need of tech help!*

      I have read your dilemma and can advise you with the following, what generation is your iPad? Is it dying on you or are you just tempted to grab the new iPad mini? Because if you wanted to use the Zinio app mostly then the mini is not the ideal friend, the Air is perfecto for the Zinio app because you won’t have to squint to read the small print. I’ve got both and I’ve seen the difference.

      Also since you want a dedicated eReader, the best bet is the Kindle Paperwhite however news just came out yesterday that the next generation model will be replaced in Q2 of 2014 meaning around April – June-ish and the new model will have a higher resolution e-Ink screen with a new form factor. The current Paperwhite is great, don’t get me wrong it’s one of the best eReaders out in the market and a dedicated one at that.. Not to mention the integration of GoodReads now comes built-in with the new Paperwhite so what I’m pretty much saying:

      Do you really want a brand new iPad because yours is really old or dying (iPad 1 or iPad 2)?
      Do you think you can wait for the newer more awesome Kindle Paperwhite (unless the current one is good enough for you?)

      I hope this helps? 😛

      • Super Jacqui to the rescue 😀 … Yep , you’ve summed it up ..

        I’ll wait for the new Kindle 😉 as for the iPad , iPad air sounds tempting 🙂

        Thaaanks sweetie :*

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