Diet Center 21 Days Detox Challenge-Day 19


The 3rd and last phase of the 21 days detox challenge with Diet Center started today. The phase will last for 3 days, so we are almost done. Saturday will be the last day and on Sunday I will write a report of my experience with the detox and what happened during this challenge.

The last phase will include meat, chicken, bread, and cheese with with mini portions until the body starts getting used to them after a long break. I gotta say I was kinda waiting for this phase because I missed eating chicken and bread.

Breakfast: 2 cheese balls, rice cakes, coffee, green tea and citrus juice which I didn’t like.

Lunch: Brown rice with quinoa and goat cheese salad with eggplant and beetroot salad (delicious).

Snack: Strawberry cheesecake

Dinner: Chicken with mushroom sauce and baked potato, and chickpea salad.

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2 thoughts on “Diet Center 21 Days Detox Challenge-Day 19

  1. wanasaa saroon, keep going!

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