Floating Market-Bangkok


Our last stop was Bangkok. We stayed in it for a couple of days, a kinda long transit before we go back home. I’ve never been to this city before but my husband has. He didn’t recommend the city because it’s dirty, crowded and full of Arabs, but we had to stay in it, we didn’t have a choice. I suggested we visit the floating market because I’ve always wanted to see how it’s there, buy from them and get to feel the atmosphere. We had to make use of our 2 days stay.

We arrived late at night, so we headed to bed. We woke up early in the morning, had breakfast and got ready for our long car trip to the floating market. Almost 1:30 hrs by car. We reached the place where you take the boat and head to the market, I was surprised to see Thai people speaking Arabic, my husband wasn’t. We got the boat and headed to the market.

The water was very polluted, don’t even think of putting your hand in it :S but the boat was fine, we got the whole boat for ourselves. Our guide/boat rider did a good job in giving us a tour around the market, took almost 2 hrs. The market was big, so many alleys and places to go through and stop by, I loved how he parked the boat near the shops when we wanted to buy things 😛

Thai people were very friendly and full of joy and humour. I loved dealing and talking with them. I haven’t seen one Thai man angry or not in the mood, all of them had this vivid spirit. Even when you bargain with them, they make you laugh hysterically 😀 My husband knew how to deal with them and how to make them lower the price with a  huge smile on their face.

This trip was so much fun, I felt like we’ve achieved something in our short stay. The floating market is a must visit if you’re staying in Bangkok for few days.

This was the end of our short yet amazing trip. Until we take off again, stay safe.
















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2 thoughts on “Floating Market-Bangkok

  1. mashalaah! i love this simple life.

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