Flying First Class on Emirates A380-OFF To Bagkok


After Macau, we went back to Hong Kong International Airport to fly to Bangkok and stay their for 2 days and then back home. This time, we wanted to try the suits on Emirates A380 which so many of you have heard about. The flight was already booked 3 months ago so we got a pretty good deal. I was really looking forward for this flight, even though it was short but we had so much fun. The feeling was so overwhelming that I didn’t wanna leave the plane. I still remember every moment on it, the excitement, the joy, the feeling of so much luxury was cool.

We stayed 3 hours in the huge lounger of Emirates airlines, and I don’t have to talk about the quality of the food, yum yum. The service was very good, staff were friendly and everything we needed was there.

When we entered the plane, the air hostess welcomed us and showed us the way to our suits (it feels so good saying it 😛 ). As you can see in the pictures, the seat or the suit was really huge, only 16 seats in the first class. The door closes with a remote control on your side and no one can see you, so if you were a lady with veil, you can take it off and sleep comfortably. The food was so fine, as if you were dining in a hotel and Oh the toilets, they were really big and spacious, both had a shower (for long flights).

I really enjoyed my time on this flight and would love to go on it again in the near future.












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