Movie Review: Thor The Dark World

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I’ve been waiting for this movie for a long time. I wanted to go on Thursday but because I have lots of things on my mind these days and was very busy, so I couldn’t go but I managed to find a day and it was yesterday. I was so excited, as if I was entering la la land 😀

Let’s talk movie. The movie was superb, marvellous, wonderful, amazing, etc. From graphics to storyline, transcript to acting. We all found it more amazing than the first one.

Thor goes to earth searching for Jane because the guardian of Azgard can’t see her, she wasn’t on earth for few hours. Later, they find out she posses Ether, a great dark power that Malakeith is searching for to destroy all planets and light will no longer exist, only darkness.

Thor teams up with guess who? His evil brother who seeks vengeance after Malakeith kills his mother. I will not talk about the ending which was beautifully directed and acted but I gotta say that it didn’t shock me because I was somehow expecting it.

let’s talk characters. Thor is more handsome than ever, his voice, his character, his acting were excellent. Loki, oh Loki. I just love him, he’s an evil kind character that you fall in love with him no matter what he does. I felt sadness for him in this movie because a soft side of his character gets exposed and you get to know him a little bit. Other characters were also good, loved the fun character of Darcy, she made us laugh a lot.

The movie is Highly Recommended. You have to watch it

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4 thoughts on “Movie Review: Thor The Dark World

  1. I too have been wanting to see this…thx for the review!

  2. wow, it rarely happens when the second part is better than the first! inshalaah I will watch it soon

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