Senado Square-Macau


One of the famous places in Macau is Senado Square. It’s the centre of everything and it has a lot of historical sites, once you start walking from that fountain you’ll see many European style buildings, churches, ruins etc. We walked a lot in that place and tried to find a cafe to rest our legs but there wasn’t any at the top, when we came down, we went to McDonald’s to have lunch and guess what? in the same alley we found lots of cafes 😛

Anyways, we kept walking up in the alleys until we saw something that looked like the ruins of St. Paul. I saw some pictures of it on google but didn’t know how to get there, it was a coincidence. The place was very crowded, so many people from every where but we were the only Arabs 🙂

I’ll write a post about St. Paul ruins later, but let’s continue talking about Senado Square. The place is divided to so many places, so many alleys and streets to walk through them, lots of people and students coming from every where, I advise you to go there when the sun is down so you want get burned while walking.















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