Diet Center 21 Days Detox Challenge-Day 13


Breakfast: Dried fruit with yogurt, green tea, coffee and apricot orange juice

Lunch: Green bean tomato stew and mushroom salad with honey mustard sauce

Snack: Rice cake with dates and rah ash sauce

Dinner: Fish burger, oven baked potato with beetroot ketchup and tomato basil soup

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2 thoughts on “Diet Center 21 Days Detox Challenge-Day 13

  1. Sandy

    Hi Swera,

    Just came across this post in my Google Alerts for detox. Where are the other days? How’s it going?

    Have you tried Green Smoothies yet? Fresh fruit and greens are better than dried fruit for breakfast.
    You could do with more vegetables at dinner time too I think.

    Hope you are drinking lots of pure water, green tea or herbal teas. Vegetable soups are good too for liquid intake.

    Good luck with the rest of the detox.


    • Hi Sandy,

      It’s going pretty well, I’m at the end of this program and things have changed pretty good, i’ve lost some weight, more energy, my sleep is much better and my skin is more fresh and glowing.

      I tried the green smoothie which was pretty good. The previous days are documented under “detox” in the category 🙂

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