Dining at Rossio-MGM Macau


After booking MGM  hotel in Kuwait, I decided to take a look at the hotel and found out about some restaurant. What caught my eyes and tummy was Rossio, why? Because it had seafood and I’m addicted to it. They offer open buffet of whatever you want to eat, all kinds of seafood are there in the buffet; lobster, oysters, mussels, scallop, crabs, sushi, steak, noodles, soup, salads, stews, ice cream, candy and dessert and so many, I can’t even remember what was there in the buffet.

We had to make a booking, the restaurant was full that day but we managed to find a table for 2 at 8pm. When we reached there it was over crowded, so many people were dining there, not only couples but also families. Even though it was insanely crowded, the service didn’t disappoint. The staff looked very busy but they were friendly. The food was really good, loved everything about it, specially the seafood buffet which I enjoyed to the max, on the other hand my husband enjoyed the meat section, he loved the steak and how tender it was, not to mention the delicious sauces they offered. The bill came out around KD 30/- which was kinda reasonable.

Don’t miss dining at Rossio












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