MGM Hotel-Macau


The best hotel I’ve ever seen and stayed in so far. I can’t describe how beautiful and stunning this hotel was.

When my husband and I were looking for hotels to stay in in Macau, we were lost, all hotels were very beautiful and looked marvellous. We chose MGM and the hotel didn’t disappoint at all. When we first entered the lobby, we were speechless. The interior of the place was more than amazing but when we saw the ocean hall where it was designed to make you feel like you were in the sea, we couldn’t say a word. We just kept looking up and down and around. As you can see in the pictures which are  not showing you the real beauty of the place but a lil bit of it. In reality, it’s more than beautiful. The ocean hall has many cafes and restaurants, we had dinner at Rossio’s (coming post) and wanted to try the other restaurants but didn’t have time.

We arrived around 12 pm but they told us to wait until 3 pm until the room becomes ready. We didn’t mind that, the place was huge to explore and spend some time in it beside the hotel was connected to a mini mall where we went and had a walk in, not to mention the ocean hall where we saw a diver feeds the fish. They informed us our room is ready around 1:30pm and thank god we didn’t have to stay for that long. Our room was the smallest one in the hotel but it was very spacious. Plenty of place to put your things in without feeling jammed. And oh the toilet/bathroom, soooo beautiful.

Loved our stay at MGM Macau, the service of the hotel was more than great, the staff were very friendly, the place was very entertaining, you won’t feel bored at all if you didn’t go out, they even gave us 2 free tickets for a rock concert but we didn’t have the time to attend.














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2 thoughts on “MGM Hotel-Macau

  1. mashalaaah! 3ajeeeb! from all your pictures macau looks like an amazing place to visit. aby asafer!

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