Diet Center 21 Days Detox Challenge-Day 9


I can’t believe I’m still standing strong and standing against all those delicious temptations. Today, I was invited to one of my aunt’s friends for dinner. I didn’t want to go but I love this lady a lot and had to go. You can’t imagine the torture I went through, a very long table that had a lot of great and delicious home made dishes. You name it, everything was on that table and the smell was a killer. i stayed in the hall but the strong was really amazing. They insisted on me to come and sit with them, i only had water, imagine 😛 But I went out from her place very happy and content. Everybody complemented how I looked and that it shows i lost a lot of weight 😀 so happy

So let’s talk about my meals today. Everything was really amazing.

Breakfast, oats with dried fruits and yogurt, green tea, beetroot juice, and coffee.

Lunch:  curried broccoli salad with all kinds of beans in sweet and sour sauce.

Snack: Chickpeas truffles …. oooh my

Dinner: Shirazi fish with brown rice and dried fruit. and peanut soup (sssoooo good)

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