Hello Macau


Hello Macau, Hello mini Vegas

Macau is like the sin city of Asia. I’ve always wanted to visit this country and see how is it like over there. The country is full of casinos, wherever you go there is a huge casino. You turn left, casino. You turn right, casino. You go straight casino. I swear with no exaggeration every 10 mtrs you’ll find a casino. People are gambling day and night non stop.

I’ve always wanted to enter a casino and see how it is like inside there. My oh my, it’s full of lights and … I don’t know how to say it, but it looked like people were having lots of fun losing their money lol 😛 I wanted to take a photo of the place but they immediately lowered my camera and informed me it’s not allowed. I tried to do a trick with my iPhone and take a quick photo with it but guess what, a hue came from now where and asked me to shut it off. I swear, i tried hiding it but cameras were all over the place. I felt i was in Las Vegas TV Show 😀

Macau was really beautiful and fun to be in only for 1 or 2 days, that’s it. We spent only one night there and thought it was more than enough. Unlike, Hong Kong which was very affordable. Macau was very expensive, taxes every where. Whatever you buy, you gotta pay the shop/restaurant taxes add to that government taxes. So my advice, just go there, explore the city and have fun but don’t buy anything.

Macau was occupied by Portugal so wherever you go you’ll find signs written in Chinese, Portuguese and English. The buildings over there have this European style and structure, you’ll see it every where. I will show some buildings when I post about Senado Square and St. Paul ruins. And the country is full of huge beautiful hotels, every hotel is linked to the hotel. And literally, every hotel has its own mall, wherever you go, there is a hotel, casino, and a shopping mall.

It’s a not a family city, for couples yes, but totally not for kids.












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4 thoughts on “Hello Macau

  1. I’ll be checking out Macau next month too. I’m very curious to see the mix of cultures!

  2. B

    I just came from there, do not miss the dancing water house show in city of dreams. it is a must.

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