DisneyLand-Hong Kong


One of the most exciting places I was excited to visit in Hong Kong was Disneyland. Booked the tickets in advance on August, downloaded the map and just waited for that day to come.

As you know Disneyland is every child’s dream to visit it, play the games and shop in the amazing shops they have inside the park. And that’s exactly what I did. I went years back and acted like a kid with a huge lollipop in her hand walking happily inside that huge gate.

Of course, I wasn’t expecting like the ones in Orlando and Paris which i haven’t seen but I’ve heard they are huge and Hong Kong’s one is kinda smaller than them. From what I’ve seen, you can finish it in 8-10 hrs which a one day access. Unless you have kids and they wanna play lots of games then 2 days access is good but not recommended.

The park is located in a separate island far away from where we are staying but their trains are super fast and we managed to reach the park in 20 minutes only. We switched in the last station where we took a customised train to the park which you can see down the pictures. The train designed on Micky, how fun is that?

We reached the main gate after a long walk from the entrance, just put my credit card inside the Automatic Tickets machine and got my tickets out. Great fast service. We got inside the park which wasn’t crowded at all because it wasn’t a high season thank god and we managed to play lots and lots of games. Okay, my husband and I played only 6 games lol, shopped a lot and had a quick snack.

The games were really fun, I enjoyed the kids games mostly because i’m a coward, I hated scary fast games, but my husband managed convinced me to play 2 scary games. You can’t imagine the scenes I’ve made hehe. But it was really fun. Loved every minute of it and I’m thinking of taking Juju to the French one when she’s a bit older.






















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2 thoughts on “DisneyLand-Hong Kong

  1. Looks awesome walla!!! 😀 Glad you had fun!

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