Diet Center 21 Days Detox Challenge


When I received the invitation to the launch of Diet Center 21 days detox challenge I got intrigued. I was thinking at first of drinking only juices for 21 days but then I contacted Diet Center and set an appointment with Nutritionist Faten who sat with me and explained everything to me. She told me that it’s not only juices, the new habba we’re seeing now and it’s not only for 3 or 5 days. This detox program has food and it will be for 21 days on 3 phases (Pretox-Detox-Protox).

They’ve explained to me that the hardest phase will be the 1st 2 days which starts today (Day1). I’m allowed only 1 cup of coffee caffeinated and unlimited cups of decafs. This might be the hardest thing, limiting my intake of caffeine 😦

I’ve just woken up and ready for this challenge nshallah. Every night will post my meals and how was my day. What happened and how did I feel.

Stay tuned 😀

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One thought on “Diet Center 21 Days Detox Challenge

  1. My 1st time to hear this 21 days detox, I’ll subscribe your posts starting today. 🙂 Please do update us about the outcome.

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