The Symphony of Light-Hong Kong

1When you want to visit a city or a country, you do a good google about the places you should visit and what you should see while you’re there. I’ve done a lot of googling regarding Hong Kong and one of the main attractions that I’ve found online is the Symphony of Light show which happens every night at 8pm for 10 minutes.

When we finished shopping, walking around Kowlon, and having late lunch. We decided to go to the Avenue of Stars a little bit early to get a good seat and watch the show from there. We managed to get really good seats and the weather was just perfect. The lights of the buildings were awesome and their reflection on the water was just marvelous.

The show started at 8pm exactly and ended around 8:!2pm. To be honest, it wasn’t that WOW. I expected it to be fabulous but it wasn’t at all. The music was very ordinary, and the lights were just ok. I think they should work on improving the quality of the show or it won’t last for that long.

But if you’re there, don’t hesitate to watch it, just for the sake of watching it. You’ll enjoy walking there.







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4 thoughts on “The Symphony of Light-Hong Kong

  1. Cate

    Such a beautiful place!! I have to go to Hong Kong one day!!

  2. I missed seeing this so thanks so much for the pictures!

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