Causeway Bay Street-Hong Kong


One of the busiest and most crowded streets of Hong Kong. We had so much fun walking around the shops and exploring the so many malls. It’s huge and gives you the feeling that it will never end.

In the afternoon it looks okay, but at night it becomes really beautiful with all the signs and lights and people holding signs wanting to sell you dinner set and so on.

Ofcourse, you won’t find your own space to walk so you will have to push through. I thought it’s like walking in Kuwait but it wasn’t like that at all. In Kuwait we think the country is jammed with people. Just go to China and come back, you’ll think that we have no people at all compared to massive population over there. But the whole experience was really fun and beautiful.

We visited the street twice and couldn’t finish it all. Just get there around 3 or 4pm and hopefully by the end of the night around 10pm you’ll be able to finish it if you’re thinking of going to Hong Kong.

P.S. You have to visit SOGO. A huge department store that has everything. So beautiful and BIG.










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