The Crazy Streets of Kowlon-Hong Kong


Kowlon is the other part of Hong Kong across the harbor. You can visit it by a boat, train or taxi. We decided to try the metro for the first time because it was close to our hotel, so why not? We walked around 15 minutes to the Wan Chi station and from there we got 2 single tickets to Tsim Sha Tsui station. We reached our destination in 10 minutes and from there we started walking and exploring the city.

Everything was closed around 10 am which was a shock. Later on, we came to know that they open around 11 or 11:30 am huh?! We kept on walking until we found Starbucks (All their local cafes are closed), we sat down, rested our legs and drank coffee, and waited til the shops opened.

We went to many places which I will talk later on in separate posts such as: The Symphony of Lights show, The Avenue of Stars, 1881 heritage and The Ladies’ Market. But for now, enjoy the pictures of the crazy streets of Kowlon which are very very very crowded but have lots of life and action.








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4 thoughts on “The Crazy Streets of Kowlon-Hong Kong

  1. Reminds me in a way of Times Square in NYC 😛

  2. love that place alot 😀 hope u enjoyed

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