Flying Business on Oman Air


At first, I wasn’t that keen on flying on Oman Air. 1st, I have never heard anyone complimenting it ever. 2nd, I didn’t think it will be that developed and awesome. Yes, awesome, actually more than that.

Flying from Kuwait to Muscat was very ordinary. The seats were a bit huge and made of leather, that was it. But flying from Muscat to Bangkok was the real shock. When I went inside the plane I couldn’t shut my mouth. The seats were really huge, made of leather and the color was very royal and luxurious. The seats were very comfy and the service was more than amazing. I felt like they are going to feed me with their own hands πŸ˜›

I honestly can’t remember when did we take off and when did we land. Time flew so fast and it was one of the comfiest flights I’ve ever been on. Loved every bit of it and will never forget such experience.

P.S. Their prices are reasonable if you’re flying to the Far East.




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6 thoughts on “Flying Business on Oman Air

  1. Aida

    Thanx Sara for your review. I’m planning a trip to kl for business this month after eid and wanted to see all comfortable routes available . Will have my travel agent check out the oman air to KL .. Sarona, are business class seats flat beds or do they incline only with an angle ? …. Would appreciate your feedback… Thank u

    • Yes they’re flat beds and verrrry comfy as if you’re sleeping in your own bed. I’m writing a new review about Emirates business class now and will post it soon, you might wanna check it also. And you’re most welcome sweetie :*

  2. never expected either… you’re going to hongkong, its fun have fun dear

  3. Now that’s what I want when I travel to the US, unfortunately the tickets cost an arm and a leg :s I guess I’ll just dream about it a bit more hehe…unless I get a high paying job which can allow me to afford such trips! πŸ˜›

    • Oman air isn’t that expensive wallah but too bad they don’t fly to the US. Emirates would leave you broke for the rest of your life πŸ˜› lol

      and nshallah your future hubby will pay for everything, you won’t have to work to pay for your tickets πŸ˜€

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