Kyu Care Opens in Salmiya


I received a lovely customized invitation to enjoy a full day of pampering and fun at Kyu Care Salon. They’ve recently opened their 2nd branch in Salmiya after 8 years of great success in Aljahra. Yup, they were operating in Aljahra for 8 years and they still are. So many customers of Aljahra were unhappy of relocating hair stylists to Salmiya branch but all i can say their loss is our gain πŸ™‚

I went there around 2pm and got out around 5:00pm. I got introduced to the lovely Argentinean sister who were the owners with Iqbal Al-Ahmad but she wasn’t there. The sisters were very nice and sweet, they speak Arabic very good, so if you don’t know how to speak English you won’t get lost with them πŸ˜›

Marwa, one of the sisters’ daughters gave me a tour around the place, which was very decent in space and very relaxing in colors. The place has huge windows and you can feel the energy of the sun coming from everywhere which i liked very much.

I started with Thuraya the hair stylist, I told her that I hated the way my hair looked like and she told me she’ll take good care of it. She asked me if it was ok to cut a little bit from it and i gave her the green light to do whatever she wants to do. She dyed my hair, cut and gave me a natural look. I liked it alot, even my friend said that I looked different but in a natural way.

Then I went to do my nails with (I forgot her name) but she was very sweet and gentle with my sensitive flesh. I wanted to to nail art but i didn’t have that much time, it was getting late and i had to get back to Baby Jana. But i’m sure i’ll be going there very soon nshallah to try other treatments specially the facial that i wanted to try the most but time was short.

Thank you Madame Fatima & Alia for the lovely day and hope to see you soon ❀



















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3 thoughts on “Kyu Care Opens in Salmiya

  1. Looks awesome walla, I want a place that can do something new for my hair, I don’t want to chop the length I just want something new and a bit fresh [trimming but with a new look].

  2. Lame duck

    Where is this place??? What is the point in wiring about it but giving no details, phone number, address??!!

    • First of all the title says “Salmiya” Second of all the last picture has all the information you’re looking for if you just click on it and enlarge it you’ll see it’s there. Just make a little effort for the things you’re looking for.

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