My Best Birthday Gift Ever


Having friends is an ordinary thing. But having great, loving, honest friends is very very rare specially in these days. One of the great friends I have is my dear Jacqui. I can’t tell you about this girl in words because it won’t do her justice. The sweetest, kindest, most honest loving girl on this earth. She would give you the globe on a gold plated tray if she could (Only the people she loves, can’t tell you what she’d do for those she doesn’t like hehe 😛 )

When I had Juju, she was out of the country but she managed to send me flowers congratulating me for having my lil duck in this world and when she came back, I was shocked by the amount of gift she got for Baby Jana.

And again, she was out of the country when I celebrated my birthday 3 months ago but when she came back, she passed by my home with a huge heavy box. It was really huge (I still have it). I was speechless, without even knowing what was inside it. This girl has the kindest heart ever, spontaneous and free.

Here comes the most shocking part. The box didn’t have 1 gift only, oh no, it had lots and lots of gifts individually wrapped just to make me crazy while unwrapping them (she might be evil sometimes).

Let me show you what she got me in pictures 😀

Thank you my dearest and loveliest friend Jumana, I know I will never have or find such a great friend like you at all. Therefore, you’re stuck with me forever :***



















The End

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2 thoughts on “My Best Birthday Gift Ever

  1. Awwwww you deserve it and more hehe I just wish I was here earlier to celebrate with you but then again if I was you wouldn’t have gotten half of these awesome gifts right? 😛 So win-win hehe 😛

    Yalla 3oqbal the next million birthdays 😛

    P.S. This was special because of your 30th so don’t expect something that awesome (oh wait, I’m always awesome so scratch that :P) Hehe love you :*

    • hehehee the most important part is that you’re always awesome 3shan you get me awesome gifts neyahahahaha 😛

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