Writing A Book


I’ve always dreamed of writing a book. And I’m planning for it nshallah. Writing a book means that i’ve achieved something in my life. It means that I’ll be able to tell my daughter that your mother published a book no matter how bad it will be. We start with something, whether it will succeed or not, at least we gave it a try.

I’ve thought of writing about my marriage life in a funny way, like make it a comedy book but then I’m going to talk about personal things or else the book won’t be interesting. I’d have done it if no one knows who I am but blogging community is stronger than ever and everybody knows everybody. So it was a big no.

Last June or July or probably August, I honestly can’t remember but an idea came to me. I talked to my dear friend about it (You know who you are) and she said that would be nice. All i needed was a push and I had it. Of course, I totally forgot about it and didn’t even write an outline for it but today when I woke from my sleep, I remembered. Straight from my bed to my papers and pen. I’ve finished writing the outline for the Prologue and Chapter 1 and will start writing it now so I won’t be lazy later on.

The hard part will be the end of this book. How to end and who’s going to edit it 🙂

All the best to me 😀

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7 thoughts on “Writing A Book

  1. Hello My name is Abdullah Almailam I would to work with you to put your book into print. We provide printing and editing services as well as marketing for books.

    • Dear Abdullah, thank you for your email. Once the book is ready will contact you for a meeting to discuss the matter.

  2. Good luck 🙂

  3. Told you before, and will tell you again, Just DO IT! 😛

    And I can edit (freelance :P) since I’m still unemployed 😛

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