Breakfast at Veranda-Harvey Nichols Kuwait


The last breakfast before work, it was.

I’m playing with sentences 😛 Last week or the week before we decided; my sister, my sister in law and I to enjoy breakfast before we go back to work. My sister & I are teachers so we made our sister in law take the day off and join us. We headed to The Avenues without deciding where to have breakfast but before reaching the parking we chose Veranda. The place is really beautiful and open to Grand Avenue which makes its seating superb.

I tried their food before on the night before the opening and it was really good but have never tried their breakfast before. I got the Salmon Omelet, my sister ordered The Oriental Breakfast and my sister in law got for herself Pancakes. My salmon omelet was really good especially the dressing on the green salad, the plate was huge, I couldn’t finish it all. My sister’s oriental breakfast was also delicious, the falafel was very moist, it melts in your mouth and leaves an amazing taste, i tried it myself, loved it. My sister in law’s pancakes were really good especially the labna sauce which she said was very delicious and has a unique taste. I tried the Brioche and I can say it was like HEAVEN ON EARTH with the toffee caramel sauce that was inside it. But very heavy, 2 can share it.

After we finished our breakfast, we enjoyed a girly chat while having our coffee and tea facing the spectacular view of Grand Avenue. We had lots of fun and we’re planning on having this sisterly gathering more often but not in Veranda because it was very pricey for a breakfast 😛








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5 thoughts on “Breakfast at Veranda-Harvey Nichols Kuwait

  1. Adriana

    I totally agree, the place is beautiful, however a bit pricey.
    We had the same great experience on a girly breakfast about two weeks ago, service was very attentive even a young Manager came to see if we are happy ( he was very charming and handsome too :)) )
    But I went back a few days ago to have breakfast and the whole experience was very different, unattentive and slow. Nobody asked if we are ok. No smile or genuine welcome. I guess it’s a hit or miss.

    • That handsome guy also came to our table and made sure the service was superb but I don’t know what happened to you guys when you went over again.

  2. I enjoyed the plates and the general surrounding, the restaurant is small and cozy

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