The Beginning of 2013-2014 School Year


Am I excited? Hell NO.

I’m sorry to start this post with such negativity but I’m gonna be somehow positive in writing this post.

I was an English teacher long time ago. Back in 2007 I taught for about 6 or 7 months. Teaching the girls was so much fun, talking with them about what they like. Lowering your mentality to theirs and sharing their likes and dislikes was such a great experience but the management and the English department was really miserable, they made me hate my life. I swear I used to wake up very depressed and cry all the way to school in my car. I looked miserable. Anyways, that was long time ago, now I’m back to teaching again. Why? Because there is no option.

I started teaching again last May 2013. I only taught for 3 weeks and only 1 class. It was pretty good even though students were out of control because the school year was about to end. I can say many things have been changed. Now, teachers teach only 2 classes not 3 as it used to be. Grading has been changed, it became much easier. Everything became much better. And the school I’m teaching at right now is good and very understanding. But now a new crazy principal has joined the team. She changed the time of leaving school from 1pm to 1:15pm. I honestly can’t comprehend what’s the use of the extra 15 minutes. If you don’t have last period you leave at 1pm after 10 minutes from the beginning of the 7th period. Why she wants us in the school for 15 minutes extra? WHHHYYYY? This really pissed me off, I want our old principal back 😦

Teaching methods have changed alot in many schools but in our school it haven’t. Many schools especially the new ones started using the iPad in teaching the students, but in ours I haven’t seen anyone use it. I had a quick meeting with my bestie who’s also an intermediate teacher. She gave a quick idea on how to teach using the ipad. That I have to buy a mini projector and download few apps which she gave me. Her school gave her a course and taught her how to use the ipad and she did the same with me. She explained to me that it made her life much easier, less expensive (no need to print flash cards) and it attracted the students’ attentions and made them love the period.

Currently, I’m looking for pocket projectors that can be handy and not that expensive. Found few on Blink, one is kinda expensive and the other affordable. Today, I checked the website again and found the affordable one is out of stock. My kinda luck :/ But anyways, Hawally is full of these stuff so I’m planning to go there tomorrow and search for one so I can start practicing on it. Don’t wanna start my 1st day with my students laughing on for not knowing how to use the projector 😛

I’ve downloaded about 5 teaching applications on my ipad and I’m waiting for the projector to start using them. Not that I can’t use them now but it will be better with the projector. The apps are very easy to use and they can make your teaching life easier and save more time to spend with your family and friends.

Hope this year will be a great one, full of excitement and adventures with my new studenst. And hope this new principle will loosen up a bit and make our lives easier.

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5 thoughts on “The Beginning of 2013-2014 School Year

  1. My condolences on the beginning of the new school year hehe I think that’s about right, right? 😛

    I hope this year will be even greater for you and with the new technological advances everything has become easier to tackle and maybe with you incorporating iPads into your teaching schedule it might help out. A friend of mine Swair works at a school where the incorporated the iPads into their teaching system and she showed it to me.

    (P.S. My mom was on the team to give the Hawally School District the ability to teach using the iPads, so she’s the one to thank or not thank because of this hehe :P)

    So who knows you can probably tackle things head on. A place you can visit to look for projectors can be Best Al Yousifi they might have affordable ones, as well as Xcite. Try them out.

    • You got that right, it’s like a funeral 😛

      Our school hasn’t started using the ipads yet, I might be the 1st teacher to do so 🙂 Hopefully, it will be a good step. Tried xcite, very expensive the ones I found online but will try Best this week.

      Love you and your mama :*

  2. i hope ur not teaching boys!!!

    ive been using ipad and projector because our school forced us to…still hating the school im in because first boys and second the principle and third our head english department…. everyday i feel miserable but inshalla this week i’ll transfer to another school and hopefully much better…. goodluck sweetie and try your best 🙂

    • Oh god no, not boys, I teach girls, teenagers lol they are better to handle. My sister will start teaching boys next week and she’s already in agony lol

      Hope your new school will be better nshallah :*

  3. Naif

    In my school we go out at 1:50 PM we used to finish at 2:05 PM but since they(I’m from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) school starts at 7 AM but they changed it and made it 15 minutes earlier to school. They made us go out early.We have smart boards in our school & they started giving out Note 10.1 tablets to the people studying at the international section (where they teach everything in English only)

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