@Pick_Kuwait Healthy Food


What I love about Pick is that they keep on improving the quality of their food and add new items every now and then. What they offer is considered healthy food with low calories. You won’t find greasy meals that exceed 500cal. And I love how the healthy food tastes, verrrrry delicious and yummy.

i’ve visited them when they opened their first branch in Kuwait City and written about them Click Here and also written about their Hitteen branch Click Here which I keep on visiting every now and then because it’s very close to my house.

Last time, I went to the place I wanted to try something for lunch. I saw a couple of posts about their sushi platter and thought why not try it? Dessert … There was a cup of Greek yogurt with Chia seeds, nuts, dried food and Agave syrup. Okay that sounds perfect beside i’ve always wanted to try something with Chia seeds. Picked my order and headed home.

The sushi platter was beyond perfect, why? Because of the salad. Yup, the salad made it that perfect. The sushi was good, the regular maki you find everyhwere, but the combination of greens in the salad was really good and the Harda dressing was very delicious, didn’t imagine a harda dressing will be delicious in a salad. Highly Recommended.

Now let’s talk about the Greek yogurt with Chia seeds. How healthy can this dish be? Super healthy and fulfilling. It will make you feel full and satisfy your sweet tooth without expanding your stomach 😛 I love how they write all the details on their products to let you know what you’re eating.

Last but not least. The Green Addiction. I’m calling it that because it’s really addictive. I can’t explain how yummy it is. You have to try it by yourself to know what I mean.

Keep going guys and thank you for giving us the opportunity to enjoy delicious healthy food.





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