L’Occitane July Beauty Box-Ramadan Style


As you know, every month the people of L’Occitane Kuwait send me a box filled with great things to enjoy. Every box is better than the other with the products they include. This month, it had what I wanted to try long time ago.

I know I’ve taken a long time to review these products because I wanted to try them for a period of time to see the results. Now I can say, so far this is my favorite beauty box from L’Occitane.

It contained:

Immortelle Eye Makeup Remover

Immortelle Essential Water (very refreshing)

Immortelle Cream Mask (My favorite product in this box)

Immortelle Brightening Instant Exfoliator (amazing)

Cherry Blossom perfume.

My favorite and best products were the cream mask and the brightening exfoliator. The mask would give you a lil pain, burn or whatever you wanna call it. When I used it i got irritated from the burn feeling, and when I removed it my face turned reddish. Very red that I got scared, but after few minutes it cooled down and the results were just perfect. Every week I use it and there’s a happy smile on my face because I know the pain that will come will give my skin a good result.

The exfoliator was really good and I’m still using it. You can feel it cleaning your skin while using it. At first, you won’t feel that it’s doing anything but when you keep on using it on your face you will get the amazing results.

Thank you L’Occitane








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