Book Review: The Ruins of Us



Have you ever read a book so fast because there was a story but the writing was really boring and you wanted to know what will happen at the end? That was my case with this book. I finished it in 3 days even though I didn’t enjoy reading it at all.

There is a story about an American lady who fell in love with a Saudi man, married him and went back to his country to spend the rest of her life and raise their children. After years of living together, she finds out that her husband is married to another woman and haven’t told her for 2 years. The story is about the American lady’s reaction, action and what she will do or won’t. How his 2nd marriage ruined their lives and their children’s, what will happen next and how they will they continue living together after what happened.

There’s a story but the writer failed to express the characters wisely. i felt detached from every single character, couldn’t feel them at all. I haven’t felt pity towards the American wife nor anger towards husband. The children’s situation didn’t affect me at all.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Ruins of Us

  1. It sounds like a lot of people would be interested in reading this book but its sad that it doesn’t live up tp its expectations. There is such a market in western countries especially the US for books about western experiences in the middle east. I hate coming across books that make me have to know the ending without wanting to read it all.

    • I know such stories have a market in the Western world and I really hoped this will be a good book but it wasn’t at all.

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