Book Review: Lasting Damage


Sophie Hannah ,,, The great mystery thriller writer never fails to amaze me with her books. How twisted they are, the characters I mean. Her books (this is my 2nd read) keeps you puzzled til the end, til the last page you read. You think you got it right but you feel so stupid at the end for not getting the big picture.

Connie, is married to the love of her life but suspicious of him having another life. She tries her best to catch him by following him every Friday, but she gets nothing. Imagine feeling suspicious of someone but can’t prove it right. How will you live your life? Until one night, she sees a dead body face down on a pool of blood in a virtual tour of the house she was obsessed with. But the thing is, no body else saw what she saw, the virtual had no dead body when it rotated back and started from the beginning.

I loved everything about this book, the lunatic characters, how Hannah put the puzzled pieces together so the reader can understand what happened and how the story ended was just perfect. But what i didn’t like Connie the main character being weak and can’t face her family, can’t get away from them or even move to another city. It just didn’t make any sense. But all in all, it was a great book.

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