Eid Outfit @ByDalaly


You know that feeling when you’re busy all the time and feel like you’re doing nothing when you’re actually doing lots of things?! That’s how I felt almost 1 month ago. At the beginning of July, I felt like I had no time to shop for Eid. Til like the beginning of Ramadan, 1st week I believe, I bought a beautiful elegant blouse from a girl on Instagram @ByDalaly. The blouse was the last one and I was lucky enough to be the buyer 😀

Dalal, who designed the blouse was really very sweet and kind. She’s an easy person to deal with unlike other sellers/designers on instagram who tell you that they don’t refund/change or even alter the dress you buy from them. Anyways, got my blouse and stayed for a whole week thinking how to complete my eid outfit. Then I remembered that my sister got me a beautiful sexy clutch from Alexander McQueen red and purple colored. So I figured, I now need a purple trouser which I couldn’t find so I had to design one for me and thank you Janish my tailor who finished on time and then I went to Amazon and shopped for a pair of shoes and got me this beautiful elegant Kate Spade and polished my look with a purple necklace from @s_Bottega (instagram) 🙂

I’m happy with the final result 🙂 Happy Eid Yo’Owl 😉



Screen shot 2013-08-09 at 2.32.00 AM

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