My Beauty Secrets


Ever since Boklah (Instagram account) started this “share your beauty secrets” and I wanted to take a picture of what I can’t live without and share it with you guys so you might benefit from it one day. So let’s make this short and go through my list of beauty products that I adore and feel comfortable wearing.

1- The PoreFessional by Benefit (Use it before applying anything so it will cover the pores and give your face a very smooth clear look)

2- Shimmering Event Foundation Primer by Kryolan (Apply it before the foundation, it will give your face a natural glow)

3- Lingerie BB by Guerlain (A very light foundation for everyday use, perfect for work or quick errands)

4- Parure Gold Full Cover by Guerlain (A full cover foundation for events, weddings or receptions)

5- Porcelain Mineral Sheer Veil by Madly Yours (gives your foundation a beautiful glow, perfect for parties and you can apply it under the eyes on your cheekbones)

6- Madly cover Loose Powder by Madly Yours (finish your foundation by applying this loose powder which will add a natural color to your skin)

7- Mud Concealer by Dolce & Gabbana (Best concealer so far)

8- Smoked Palette by Urban Decay (Perfect for parties and weddings)

9- The Glinda Palette by Urban Decay Oz The Great & Powerful Limited Edition (Very light and natural colors for everyday use)

10- They Are Real Mascara by Benefit (gives your eyelashes a very natural look)

11- Parad’Eyes Liner by Givenchy (I’ve been using it for a year now and can’t be separated from it)

12- No. 32 Lipstick by Buerberry (The color matches almost everything. You can wear it everyday or even for parties)

13- Maxi Shine Gloss by Guerlain (very light and glossy, for quick or everyday look)

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