Delicious Neqsa from @DallahKuwait


Yesterday, a guy rang our house bell and I happened to open the door and find a huge Dallah bag filled with delicious goodies 🙂 This wasn’t the 1st time I try Dallah’s sweets.  Read my previous post. So I had a clear idea of what I was expecting.

Arabic Coffee+Sokareya Cups+Alba

That what was inside the bag. I’ve tried their Arabic Coffee before and it was amazing, and still is. Now, the Sokareya Cups are new and let me tell you about them, they are light, moist, and heavenly delicious (as I say). You can eat 2 or 3 pieces after one another without feeling full at all. Loved them, and highly recommended.

Let’s talk about the Alba, heard alot about it from last year (as a kuwaiti dish) but never dared to try it because I’m not a fan of such sweet. But when I smelled Dallah’s Alba, I had to try it, the aroma was killing me. And it was super delicious  🙂 the quantity was very good to share it with 3 or 4 persons. Perfect for Zawara or gathering.

Thank you Dallah and wish you all the best 🙂





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