The Gerge’an Party


Last week marked the 1st Gerge’an party for Juju. She attended her 1st party and nshallah it won’t be the last one.

Juju loves people, she always keeps on yelling at them in malls and restaurants with a huge smile but on that day she got scared a bit. Because it was very crowded and all in one place. She kept on holding my neck as if saying “plz don’t leave me” hehe but once the actions started, she started yelling and laughing ,,, and also dancing 😀

The party was really nice, friends of the family hosted it and it was great. Lots of activities, presents and yummy food 🙂

I used to attend Gerge’an parties every year but this one was very special,,,Juju is now with me and children sang for her : ) ya5ty 😛

Our theme was flowers/garden and I’m already thinking of next year’s theme 🙂 It was lots of fun and i bet Juju will enjoy it more next year as she will be older and will comprehend things better.


From Patlah


Scope a Cone


Jana’s Gerge’an


Other children’s Gerge’an


Gerge’an for boys





my suhoor was yummy candy 😀

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4 thoughts on “The Gerge’an Party

  1. wa5ti chalem galbhaa, she grew mashalaah since i last time saw her!

  2. Mashalla looks amazing.. lost of cool ideas for gerge3an! Yalla enshalla next year will be better 😀

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