Mini Ghabga @Danderma’s Resort


Last Friday, we gathered at our dear friend Danderma‘s house (3asa beit 3amer nshallah) just to catch up and have a chito chat. We haven’t met and sat with each other for a long time and we really needed the time to enjoy our time together. We were wearing PJs Jacqui & I, Danderma was wearing a training and PinkGirl was dressed up because she came from an outdoor Iftar 🙂

What I loved about this gathering is the simplicity. We sat on the floor, infront of the the coffee and tea and lots of savories and desserts. We couldn’t stop our mouths neither from talking nor munching 😀

We discussed lots of things. What happens in Danderma’s resort, stays in Danderma’s resort *wink*

It was supposed to be a simple gathering but then we named it a mini ghabga at Danderma’s resort 🙂

Thank you Naddoooya for the lovely gathering :*





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6 thoughts on “Mini Ghabga @Danderma’s Resort

  1. احب هاليمعات اللي ما اتكلف فيها ولا رسمية ولا شي ياحلو البساطه واليمعه الحلوة والنفوس العسل
    الله يديم يمعاتنا ومحبتنا :*

  2. wanasaa, awal mara ghabqaa a7ad yalbes pj and training. aryaa7 to be honest

  3. Casual is the best, hehe at least you can be yourself without having to worry about how others will look at you or judge you hehe 😛

    Let’s have more of them! 😛

    Thanks Dandy for the lovely gathering! :**

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