The Making of Jana’s Gerge’an


Anyone living in Kuwait knows that Gerge’an favors became a habba long time ago. It’s now part of our tradition, every mother prepares Gerge’an (candy boxes) favors to her family and friends in Ramadan. Some people tend to exaggerate and others do cute stuff depending on every mother’s budget. Mine wasn’t that good but I managed to do a cute chic Gerge’an favors, after all she’s my 1st and this is her 1st Gerge’an πŸ™‚

Thanks to Ministry of Education, my salary came out very late (27th of June) but thank god I managed to do everything in 3 weeks. My budget was KD 150 but it reached KD 170 something like that. I did 75 favors which was alot because I was preparing a quantity for a Gerge’an party which I will post about it soon nshallah but I don’t think next year I will participate in any parties, very costly lol πŸ˜›

RememberΒ Juju’s Gerge’an Outfit? Well, I wanted her Gerge’an favors to match her outfit and mine too, call me a freak but I wanted this year to be special πŸ˜€

Anyways, I went to Baya’a Alward in Hawally (everybody knows the place) and searched for mini water pots. Found them for KD1/- πŸ˜€ bought them with matching ribbons and stuff.

Then I went to Blokat (fabric market) and searched for the same fabric, I only found one place that sells the same fabric and got the last meters :/ then I got some fabric for me to create a matching darra3a πŸ˜€ My darra3a’s cost was around KD 14 πŸ˜›

Everything turned out to be perfect el7mdella, it was very exhausting but totally worth and everything documented by pictures. When Juju grows older she will know she was/is a special child πŸ˜€


Candies ready to be wrapped


Water pots πŸ˜€




Chidlren’s Gerge’an mini bags


Voila πŸ˜€


A closer shot


I’m in love ❀


Our outfits πŸ˜€

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8 thoughts on “The Making of Jana’s Gerge’an

  1. Mashallah everything looks perfect! Allah y5aleelech Juju w tasweenlaha kl sena inshallah

  2. Its actually really cute! And good on our for managing to do so well on a limited budget. We didn’t do any garge3an for Banoota this year as we did it last year and it cost us around 800 KD. We went to the blokat and got fabric, then took it to a tailor and got it sewen into a pouch like bag. We made around 90 bags and got the standard boxed at Baya3 el ward and made 50 of those and that’s it. The reason why it was so expensive is that the fabrics we choose were in the range for 8 to 16 KD. We also made a dara3a for Banoota & myself.
    What’s great is that we now see our relatives using their pouch/bag for make-up or medicine but if we had known at the time we’d be spending this much we would have toned down alot but then again, she’s our first!

    • oofff that’s too much, I won’t go that far but as you said she was your 1st πŸ™‚ allah y5aleeha lekom ya rb :*

  3. Sumayya

    It looked absolutely original and cute.
    Pls tell me where Bayaa Alwad is and how to find it.
    Thanks and enjoy what’s left of Ramadan

    • Thank you dear πŸ™‚

      The place is well known in Hawally almost in front of Dar Alshefa hospital. Just ask anyone there in the street and they will guide you

  4. Funky and cool! Nothing else can describe this! πŸ˜›

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