Teachers Ramadan Ghabga (Gathering)


The best thing I came out with from teaching is the salary lol (JK) It’s the teachers that I work with. They’re much better than the ones I worked with 8 years ago. The ones I work with now are really friendly, polite, respect everyone and they are fun and active. You can talk to them, share with them your likes and dislikes and all that jazz.

Yesterday, our dear teacher Miss Lulwa hosted a ghabga at her apartment where she gathered us all again but outside the school’s doors 😛 Miss Lulu is leaving this year on September to UK to complete her post graduate studies so she won’t be with us for a whole year … We will miss u Miss Lulu and your place will be empty (not literally) I will be sitting on her desk 😀 for next year only 😉

The ghabga was kinda modern, not the traditional one but definitely a beautiful cozy one. We talked and gossiped about school ofcourse and ate delicious desserts as you can see in the pictures.

Pistachio Rose Cake from The blue Bakery. Verrry delicious, really good and you can feel the rose taste in your tongue. Loved it. Instagram @TheBlueBakery

Raja2i dessert from Caramel Bakery. Was very good but kinda heavy, so a lil bite will be good and it’s good for 6 to 8 persons. Instagram @Caramel_Kuwait

Banoffee Trifel from J’s Bakery. It was ok. Not that wow but ok. Also good for 6 persons. You can order it from Talabt.com

Thank you Om Khaloodie for the wonderful Ghabga and wish you all the best in your life :*






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7 thoughts on “Teachers Ramadan Ghabga (Gathering)

  1. That looks absolutely delicious for now 😛

  2. its fun doing those stuff with teachers, were actually planning this week hehehe, and also did two months ago kan 9j wanasaa, hows work ? did you start teaching? im hating my job and school im in, but i love my colleagues so much 😦

    • Yup I started teaching last May 🙂 it’s not smth new because I was a teacher long time ago, remember?! Love my school and colleagues but teaching itself is really exhausting :S

  3. LOL, your husbands must have had to bring carts to wheel you home! It all looks so amazing. Congratulations, Swera, on being selected as the interim to take Ms. Lulu’s place. It sounds like your life is greatly blessed, blessed with loving family, a sweet child, good friends, great colleagues – I don’t check in often, but when I do, I am delighted to see you so well and so happy.

    • Hahaha I managed to get back home safely without the help of my husband 😛

      Actually, I’m only taking her desk for now until she gets back the next year 🙂

      I’m thankful for what I have and blessed with and thank you for passing by!

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