TV Shows Marathon: Chosen


Ever since I had Baby Jana, my time became not mine at all. The fun I used to have watching tv shows, movies or going out has been directed towards Juju. It’s not that I’m complaining but I really miss watching lots of tv shows and spending a lazy day on the couch with yummy food and having nothing to do except watching tv.

Now, that i’ve almost done with work, Juju is old enough to be distracted with many things (games, tv) and my new help has arrived. I can say that i’m ready to watch new tv shows and catch up with the old ones which I’ve stopped watching.

As i was searching for new tv shows for my favorite actors (Milo Ventimiglia), I saw that he has a new one called Chosen. A thriller, about an ordinary man who wakes up one day with a box infront of his house that contains a gun and a picture of a man he must kill or his family will be in danger. I don’t wanna have spoilers in this post, but those people who sent him this box won’t stop until he does the job.

The finale was really shocking even though I suspected it will turn out to be like that. Season 1 had only 6 episodes. The show has been renewed for a 2nd season. I really can’t wait for it to come back to see what will happen next.

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5 thoughts on “TV Shows Marathon: Chosen

  1. hummmm nice but not much to it as mostly everything turned out just the way I expected ,
    even at the end there are no surprises I don’t no why maybe because I have seen something similar
    or is it because the director made it so easy for the viewer to figure it out , Is it hard to add more mystery and make it a bit darker rather than to know whats going to happen next !

    Watch this one if you haven’t seen it yet : Homeland (2011 TV Series)

  2. You’re Welcome 🙂

    All mentioned I already watched & liked 🙂
    Let me know if you need another list loool

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